The leading termite elimination system
  •     Winged termites or

    Winged termites or "Swarmers"

    Winged termites or "Swarmers" in and around the house in particular near sources of light after rain
  • Mud tubes

    Mud tubes

    Presence of mud tubes from the ground to wood or on perimeter walls.
  • Shed wings

    Shed wings

    Shed wings in or around your home, ie near windows and doors
  • Bubbling paint

    Bubbling paint

    Paint that has started to bubble on wood surfaces or wood that appears discoloured.
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How do I know if I have termites?

Most of the time you will only find out that you have termites after they have started their destruction of your home. However there are signs that one can look out for to alert you of their presence, such as;.

The only certain way to determine the presence of termites and a recommended treatment option for your home is with a thorough home inspection from a pest management professional in accordance with AS3660.2.


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