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Termite Baiting or Chemical Termiticide Barriers?.
Buildings that are hard-to-treat using conventional soil termiticide treatment methods due to wells or drainage systems or have a chronic termite infestation history, in these situations a termite baiting program is a logical choice. Installing a termite monitoring program, foraging termites are likely to encounter below-ground stations around the foundation exterior as well as beneath the structure, at this point a termite bait can be used to eradicate the entire termite colony.
Homeowners on limited budgets are good candidates for traditional termiticide barriers as generally a Professional Pest controller can install a chemical barrier with a single visit, whereas termite baiting programs usually require multiple visits and regular ongoing monitoring programs to inspect of new colonies of termites that pose a threat to your home. Property owners with a serious termite problem or those involved in a real estate transaction are' good candidates for termiticide barriers. They may not be able to wait two to six months (sometimes longer) for baits to suppress or eliminate the infestation.
Chemically-concerned homeowners may find the concept of baiting more attractive. With baits, the total amount of pesticide! applied is small in comparison to the high litres needed to achieve a thorough and effective chemical soil barrier.
Termite Baiting requires fewer disruptions than conventional chemical barrier treatments. Installation and subsequent monitoring of stations generally does not even require the technician to go indoors. Noise, drill dust, and similar disruptions associated with conventional treatment are avoided.
Often all the people living in attached housing cannot afford the termite baiting procedure, in this situation the use of a non-repellant chemical soil termiticide such as Termidor®, Imiforce® or Fipforce® is the perfect cost effective choice.
Some houses may require treatment with both baits and termiticide barriers. With comprehensive baiting programs such as Sentricon® and TermatriX® , liquid applications (when deemed necessary) are usually made as partial treatments to infested areas, rather than to the entire structure. Alternatively, once a termite baiting system has successfully eliminated the termite pressure, we recommend a chemical barrier be installed around the perimeter. Termidor®, is the registered TM of BASF. Sentricon® is the registered TM of Dow Chemicals.

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