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Sherwood Chemicals was formed in 1995 as a result of the decision of the global giant SHELL to divest from the Household Chemical markets worldwide. At this time, SHELL was a world leader in the manufacturing and supply of professional pest and consumer sanitary products. In 1996 the executives of SHELL Thailand joined as managing partners to acquire the transferred household chemical business from SHELL including products, brands and technology.

As a boutique research and development based manufacturer Sherwood specialise in over 250+ high quality household chemical products including Professional Pest Control, Wood Protection, Petcare grooming, Sanitary and Cleaning products and supply these products throughout SE Asian markets through its representative offices in Australia, Malaysia and Thailand. Leading brands include, Chaindrite, Stedfast, Teepol, Chaingard, Biforce, Termatrix and Fipforce. For more information about our range of products, please visit; (Thailand) (Australia & Malaysia)


As to how Sherwoods products can benefit users? It is through our unique ability to research, develop and formulate innovative highly valued products together with unbiased research and technical support for specialist markets such as Professional Pest Control.

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As a manufacturer, we are able to guarantee consistent quality products are manufactured to meet or exceed international standards. This guarantee is backed up by comprehensive Certificates of Analysis for every batch of product supplied.


Professional Pest & Turf Products are represented nationally by the largest Professional Pest & Turf Distributor in Australia. Speciality products for Agricultural and Home & Garden are produced and marketed through partnerships.

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